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Volleyball Training 101: A Program For Successful Players

Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3 sets of 15 reps. Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 3 sets of 15 reps. Jackknife Crunches: 3 sets of 20 reps. Oblique Crunches: 3 sets of 20 reps. External Rotation: 3 sets of 15 reps. Click Here For A Printable Log Of Off-Season #1: 3x A Week.

Workout Routine for Volleyball Players - Volleyball Tips

Hold the weight in front of your chest. Take a large lateral step out, keep one leg straight while sitting back on the other leg in a squat. While in the squat, press the weight out in front of you. Using your squat leg, push yourself back to the center while bringing the weight back to your chest.

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Hold a plate with your hands at the 9 and 3 positions. This volleyball-specific exercise builds the core and also develops upper body strength. This workout helps your shoulders stay healthy and aids in transferring power from the core to the upper body. Recommended Reps: 3 sets of 20 reps (10 left, 10 right) 0:48. 3.

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Warm up for your volleyball workout by jogging for 20 minutes, then stretching your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles (all the muscles you use most during volleyball). Leg Drills...

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Multi-joint Strength Training Exercises for Volleyball. Volleyball workouts consist of different types of strength training. Resistance training exercises such as back squats, push ups, pull up Core Strength Training for Volleyball. Volleyball weight training should include volleyball exercises for strengthening the core.

13 Volleyball Exercises You Can Do at Home – Volleyball Expert

Using a jump rope is one of the most comprehensive workouts a volleyball player can do. It works the upper and lower body while encouraging good conditioning. Perform each of the following for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest between movements (one round equals one set): Two footed jumps. Right footed jumps.

Volleyball Training Program Guide for Volleyball Results

Plyometrics. Going along with your volleyball training strength program, plyometrics are a very effective form of power training to help volleyball athletes increase vertical jump and increase explosive power on the court. In simpler form, plyometrics is jump training, but not just straight up and down.


cise and focus more on close chained exercises like squats and lunges. Circuit System A sample of a circuit day (which is a majority of training days) would include: • Warm-up with ladders (working footwork- see samples below)-5 different exercises performed 3 times each

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