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Game, Set, Match. Depending on a couple of different factors, the number of sets necessary to win a match will vary. In most cases, matches are played as a best of three series, so the first player/team to win three sets, wins the match.

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Game, set, match. Used to indicate that a person has definitively beaten the opposition in a given situation. Derived from the game of tennis in which the winner of a match is the player who wins two out of three (for women) or three out of five (for men) sets; each set is made up of a number of games. Thus, the final winning shot is the one that wins the player the point that wins the game that wins the set that wins the match.

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game, set, (and) match. A phrase said at the end of a tennis match (which consists of games and sets) that can be used humorously in any situation in which someone is victorious or triumphant. Game, set, match! Roger Federer is the winner!

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Game, Set, Match: Game Theory in Tennis. The game of tennis is one of the oldest sports in the world and considered one of the most mental games out there, considering that in a singles match, two players are pitted against each other through at least two grueling sets. Each player has the chance to serve, and therefore each player also has the chance to receive.

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Sport: Tennis. A set consists of up to 12 games and a tiebreak – except for the final set, which must be won by two clear games, and therefore has no limit. A set is won when a player has won six games with at least a two-game advantage.

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A game point occurs in tennis whenever the player who is in the lead in the game needs only one more point to win the game. The terminology is extended to sets (set point), matches (match point), and even championships (championship point).

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game, set, match (sports, tennis) An expression commonly used at the conclusion of a tennis match to indicate that a competitor has won.

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Tennis is a game played on a rectangular-shaped court, which can be one of many surfaces. It is either played with two players (singles match), or four players (doubles match). Players stand on opposite sides of the net and use a stringed racquet to hit the ball back and forth to each other.