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Traditionally, the racket will come with a shorter, angled end with a sticky tab that you can remove and use to apply the overgrip. With this method, you simply remove the sticky tab and apply the overgrip with the angled side facing down towards the butt cap. This is the tried and tested way to apply an overgrip.

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Getting your playing equipment right is a key part of feeling comfortable on the tennis court. If you are playing with the wrong type or racket for your game, badly fitting shoes or a grip that slips out of your hand, you will struggle to play your best ball. With this in mind, using an overgrip on your racket can help you fine tune the size, weight and feel of your grip to perfectly suit your needs.

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Find all our advices to install correctly a grip or an overgrip on yor tennis racket. Follow the guide, step by step, and learn how to install it by yourself...

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Proper installation of an overgrip can help you maintain a good hold on your racquet's handle and eliminate nagging discomfort to your hands as well.That's w...

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A tennis overgrip is a simple wrap that you can apply to your racquet handle to increase traction, absorb sweat, and reduce blisters. Grip tape is another term often used to refer to overgrips. Players of all levels can benefit from using overgrips to ensure their racquet stays secure in their hand, while also preventing wear of their main grip that came with their racquet.

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Locate the end of the overgrip that tapers off to a skinnier width. The tapered end will have an adhesive sticker. Remove this sticker. Pick up your racket, handle facing upwards, and attach the sticky tip of the overgrip to a long bevel of the racket handle (see definition).

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To have the tape handy, stick the end of the tape to a nearby table or to your shirt. Hold your racquet in your left hand (if you're a righty) with the butt end pointing straight up. Place the non-tapered end of the overgrip half an inch below the butt end of your handle, with the outside surface facing out.

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September 30, 2021. 18 13 minutes read. The overgrip is the staple tennis accessory for tennis players across the globe, and virtually everyone who regularly plays the sport will go through several of them every year. Players use them for various reasons, such as making the grip size thicker, increasing comfort, absorbing more moisture, or creating a more tacky feel to stop the racket from slipping from the hand.